Mari Innovator

On the 16th September we rolled out the red carpet to welcome MARI INNOVATOR, the fifth methanol dual-fuel tanker to join our fleet under management.

MARI INNOVATOR truly lives up to her name as she is the first ship to be IMO Tier III compliant, harnessing an innovative methanol-and-water blending/diesel in water emulsion system in her main engine. This new system brings significant cost savings compared to a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions control system or an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) NOx emissions control system.

She also boasts several cutting-edge, energy-saving design features. These include a propeller boss cap fin to enhance propeller efficiency, Speed/Fuel Pilot which keeps the consumption to an optimum level and frequency-controlled pumps and fans. She’s also fitted with a power factor compensator for her alternators which brings her power factor to 0.96 (compared with the average 0.84 for most ships), enabling her to save 11% more energy. And that’s not all, with her vessel incinerator capable of evaporating bilge water instead of pumping it out to sea, she will also be playing her part to protect our marine environment.

We are excited to welcome MARI INNOVATOR to our fleet and feel very proud to do everything we can to support our customers with our green transition pathway, which leads the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Please click the below link to enjoy the video produced by our partner Waterfront Shipping Ltd. Filmed by HMD Yard and our site team.


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