Smooth sailing on MeOH

With the delivery of our 2nd generation Methanol Dual Fueled vessels, the Mari Couva and Mari Kokako, delivered in August respectively September 2019 we are gathering more running hours on Methanol. These two join existing 1st generation Methanol dual fueled vessels, Mari Jone and Mari Boyle, delivered in April and August 2016. Collectively these vessels have now operated more than 32,000 Rhrs in Methanol mode and consumed approximately 48,000 MT of MeOH. Together with MAN Energy Solutions we are now ready for operational testing with Water blending of Methanol which enables Tier III compliance without the need for exhaust treatment in way of SCR. A special thanks to our professional seafarers onboard and of course towards our close cooperation between managers, engine maker HHI/Man Energy Solutions and charterer Waterfront Shipping, a subsidiary of Methanex Corporation making this all possible.


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